Tuesday, May 19, 2009


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Albert Einstein

I've been Anthony Wiggle for over a week now.  Pip has chosen to be Murray Wiggle and she won't wear anything that isn't red.  We're both still females and I'm still 'Mama,'  but she calls me Anthony and I have to call her Murray.  In case you're not familiar with The Wiggles, they are a collection of peppy Australian men who sing and dance on their own Kid's Show.  

Having only been acquainted with the Wiggles for a couple of weeks, I think Pip is playing the role of Murray exceptionally well.  She's more of a method actor, like De Niro.  "Anthony, look, it's your favourite colour, blue!"  she'll say to me.  And any time I call her by her real name instead of Murray, she corrects me, "Silly Anthony, you know my name is Murray."  She also speaks about herself in the third person, "Murray doesn't like beans Mama," and "Murray has to pee."

Just when I was growing weary of the Wiggles role-play, I was reminded of Albert Einstein's quotation.  Where would our society be without the great imaginers of our time?  In a technological age where knowledge is so readily accessible, imagination becomes even more of a commodity.  So, I'll continue to be Anthony as long as Pip wants me to be.  (The frightening thing is, I'm getting used to calling her Murray.)