Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fairy dust

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Pip has been enjoying her fairy costume lately, and so have we. She puts on the fairy tiara, the white mesh fairy skirt, and of course the magic fairy wand. A look comes over her face when she initially dons this magical costume; it's as though she can't really believe how wonderful she feels.

"What's your name today fairy?"
"I'm Fairygold!" Pip says with a twirl.
"And what is this little fairy's name?" I ask her, gesturing to Crazybaby.
Pip glances at her water-bottle sitting on her bed-side table.
"That's Princess Klean-Kanteen."
Aha. Lucky little sister.

Pip prances into the kitchen where Big Daddy-O is cleaning up after breakfast. "Daddy, I'm going to wave my magic wand and turn you into a Wedding Dancer!!!"

(F.Y.I.: It's a running joke that during our wedding night, I had only one dance with my husband before he disappeared. I danced under the stars with friends and family late into the night, and Big Daddy-O was in his comfort zone, chatting with the guests who weren't dancing!)

"Where were you on our wedding night Fairygold??? I really could have used your magic then!!!" I hollered from the bedroom. My husband laughed.

Pip fairy-danced her way back into the bedroom to announce excitedly,
"Mama, I'm going to wear my fairy costume when we go to Saltspring Island!"
"Oh, what a good idea."
"Then I'll be the only FAIRY on the FERRY!!!" Pip exclaimed delightedly.
"We can't guarantee that!" I said, and heard more laughter from the kitchen.

As I said, we're all enjoying the fairy costume. Even Princess Klean-Kanteen.