Monday, June 8, 2009

I'll have what she's having

"Loving a sister is an unconditional narcissistic and complicated devotion
that approximates a Mother's love. Sisters are inescapably connected, shaped by the same two parents,
the same trove of memory and experience."
~Roxanne Brown~

For many months, Pip was only mildly interested in Crazybaby.  That has started to change and she is often entertained by her sister these days, but if there's someone else around to play with, Pip gravitates toward other kids; she doesn't pay much attention to Crazybaby.   

Recently, our friend Ella, who is just five months older than Pip, and her baby brother came over for a visit.   I assumed that the two 'big girls' would play together and the babies would crawl around and babble at each other, but Ella wanted to play with Crazybaby!  She touched her hands, kissed her face, rubbed her fuzzy head and tried to make her laugh.  

Pip examined the situation with great interest.  She seemed astonished that Ella was finding Crazybaby so enjoyable.  What did Pip do?  She started to play with her little sister too!  With Ella on one side of her and Pip on the other, Crazybaby was elated!  She basked in the attention, and the three-year-olds had a lovely time as well.

I suppose it's human nature to want what others want, but isn't it intriguing when you want something that you didn't have the slightest bit of interest in initially,  but it becomes appealing just because someone else wants it?  It'll be interesting when the objects of Pip's desire become mobile phones and too-short skirts, but for now, I'll simply enjoy the fact that Pip witnessed a friend of hers take pleasure in being with Crazybaby.